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RAMM Software Ltd provides exceptional road asset management software to councils, their consultants and their contractors. We are committed to the continuous improvement of the RAMM suite of applications, as our aim is to deliver to our customers the most productive software experience, at the best possible price.

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Waugh Infrastructure Management is a niche consultancy that assists councils with the full range of infrastructure management planning, from strategic planning and policy development, through to operational service delivery.

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It started with the first ‘talking telegraph’ trial in 1877 which led to the formation of the New Zealand Post and Telegraph Department in 1881. What followed was 130 years of communications evolution that saw telephones in nearly every home, the privatisation of the network and birth of Telecom in 1987, and the arrival of the internet and mobile phone technology.
Now optical fibre ushers in a new era. Chorus was formed in March 2008 as a Telecom business unit operating at arm’s length from the rest of the organisation, to give all service providers access to the local fixed line network.
In December 2011, Chorus reached a major milestone, formally becoming a separate entity and listing on the New Zealand stock exchange.
Today, as New Zealand’s largest telecommunications infrastructure company, Chorus continues its long heritage of building and looking after the country’s fixed line telecommunications network for present and future generations.

General Sponsors

Road Data connect managers to their road infrastructure.
Roaddata provides a complete service from asset inventory and condition measurement, to GIS and application development, to asset performance analysis.
Roaddata capture services include retro-reflectivity measurement of road-markings and road-signs, Lidar scanning, 360 degree photography and mobile mapping.
Roaddata delivers accurate data to manage assets in a user-friendly way. www.roaddata.co.nz


Data Collection Ltd specialises in collecting accurate, reliable and relevant pavement condition data.  Whether you require information on a small section of road or the whole network, we have the resources to help you make sound engineering decisions. And we don’t stop at roads, with many of our capabilities expanding into the airport, ports and railway industry. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require:
High Speed Data Surveys – Roughness Surveys – Video Surveys – FWD & HWD Testing


WDM® offers the complete asset management solution and is the UK’s leading manufacturer and provider of highway survey and monitoring equipment, including SCRIM (Sideway-force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machine). WDM® is also the UK’s largest survey contractor and has been surveying New Zealand’s state highway network since the mid-90s, helping save hundreds of lives through safer roads.



Onsite Developments Ltd specialises in data collection and independent, objective inspection services for “Boundary to Boundary” maintenance purposes. We have developed our own software solutions which enables a single inspector to safely, efficiently and accurately record fault data across all local authority maintained assets. We enable better maintenance/asset decisions and maximise limited resources by providing an overall “point in time” snapshot of the network.
We have also developed a specialised footpath inspection system. It provides an objective overall condition grade of each footpath section and pinpoint individual fault information. The data can be used by maintenance contractors to identify urgent issues and asset managers wanting to develop “Partial” or “Full Length” renewal programs.