Abstracts & Awards

Call for Abstracts is now open – click here for further information.

The Organising Committee invites you to submit an abstract (written papers are not required) for the 2018 Road Infrastructure Management Forum. The committee is looking for papers which are topical and of interest to Forum attendees.

The Forum will be showcasing ingenuity, with examples of leading best practice and thinking around adapting to current issues, innovating and managing better with what we have. This is a chance for you to share your experiences and knowledge with your peers and we encourage you to submit an abstract.


300 word maximum and must include three key points of learnings and be submitted by Monday 9 October 2017.

Instead of a focus on the production of papers, the organising committee would like to emphasise the quality of the presentation required.


There are three options to choose from – you select:

  • 20 min presentation plus time for group Q&A
  • 12 min presentation plus time for group Q&A
  • Table presentation. Each presenter will speak for 8 mins to one of 10 tables and will be followed by table discussion. The presentation is to be repeated three times and not to be a ‘sales’ session


Submit by email: joanne@conferenceteam.co.nz

Your submission requires the following:

  • Snappy title & mini overview (max 300 words)
  • Topic – identify where your presentation would best fit
  • Mini bio and photo (jpg)
  • Presentation option (20 min / 12 min / 8 min table presentation)
  • Referee – name / contact of someone who has heard you present

Papers are NOT required – however, your PowerPoint presentation must be submitted three weeks prior to Forum.


An Innovation award will be made from the Forum presentations for four categories – Road Infrastructure Management, Corridor Management, Optimised Decision Making and Procurement and Performance Monitoring.This will be judged by the attendees.


If your abstract is accepted, it is a requirement that you register and pay to attend the Forum. All presenters receive a discount of $100 off the published registration fee.


If you have any queries, please contact the Organisers:

The Conference Team, Phone: 03 359 2600

Email: joanne@conferenceteam.co.nz