Wednesday 21 March

RIMS Forum
Hosted by RIMS

0830  Welcome and opening
  Keynote: A view from the outside – how’s the bigger picture looking?  Andrea Reeves, Office of the Auditor General
Welcome from Gary Porteous and RAMM Platinum sponsor
0915  Transport knowledge hub – having the right data and information to support evidence-based decision making.  Tim Herbert, Ministry of Transport
0935  You can pick your friends but not your family.  Phillipa O’Shea, Downer NZ
0955  Manawatu Gorge Project Update.  Ross I’Anson, NZ Transport Agency
1010  Q&A with above presenters
1030  Morning tea
1100  Unsealed roads management.  David Hutchison, Downer NZ
1115  Road Efficiency Group – Why the focus on data quality?  Dawn Inglis, Manager – RATA, Waikato Road Asset Technical Accord and REG Data work group chair
1135  Unlocking our data – and getting it into the hands of the right people.  Graeme Mackin, Fulton Hogan
1155  IPWEA NZ Focus for 2019 and Beyond.  Samantha Gain, IPWEA NZ
1210  Q&A with the above presenters
1225  Lunch
1330  Topic tbc.  Rob Desanti & Paul O’Dockerty, Deighton

1345  Digital Engineering for transport using BIM.  David Darwin, NZ Transport Agency
1405  How innovative fleet management solutions deliver better safety outcomes.  Rebecca Kemp & Guy Hocquard, EROAD
1425  Benchmarking between networks – PhD research update.  Seosamh Costello, Auckland University
1445  Speaker tbc
1500  Q&A with above presenters
1510  Afternoon tea
1540  Rapid Downloads – table discussion
1645  Big Solutions competition winner.  Clement Damagnez, Opus International Consultants
1700  Close
1700  Happy hour
1900  Forum dinner with Award presentation – optional

Thursday 22 March

Corridor Management – Hosted and sponsored by NZUAG
Optimised Decision Making – Hosted by IDS and Sponsored by Waugh Infrastructure Ltd
Procurement & Performance Monitoring – Hosted and sponsored by REG

0815 Welcome
0820  Keynote: Integrating climate change into Road Asset Management.  Chris Bennett, World Bank Group

  Corridor ManagementOptimised Decision MakingProcurement and Performance Monitoring
09105Intro from Chairs - Pio Terei and Brett NorthIntro from Chair - Grant HollandIntro from Chair - Shaun McKinley
091520NZUAG and You, in Review. Paul Swain & Ross MalcolmState of the IDS Nation. Elke Beca, OpusUsing procurement as an opportunity for improving social and environmental outcomes. Chris Bennett, World Bank Group
093520Heavy Haulage Association and the CM. Jonathan Bhana-Thomson, HHABenchmarking between networks - PhD research update. Seosamh CostelloWhat does a successful procurement model look like? Rowan Kyle, Opus
095515CAR's in a growing METRO. Julie Jackson, Hamilton City CouncilMoisture testing for roads. Greg Arnold, Road ScienceNZTA / REG update
101010Q&A for above speakersQ&A for above speakersQ&A for above speakers
102030Morning teaMorning teaMorning tea
105020Collaborate our fibre future. Graeme McCarrison & Paul Leith, SPARKIDS Mode Report Review. Ross Waugh, Waugh Infrastructure & David Fraser Topic tbc. Simon Gough, GHD
111020Reinstatement, the top layer. Tracy-Leigh Bell, Timaru District Council Back to the future AMPs - learnings from 2017 AMP round. David FraserPerformance review and benchmarking - achieving more with less. Babak Bigdeli, Ventia
113020TMP's - What good are they really? Tom Kiddle, Auckland TransportDeighton - Show casing international experience. Rob Desanti / Paul O'Dockerty - DeightonHow to do Procurement Collaboration? Dave MacDonald
1150127 years on and how the code has been implemented. Nick Miskelly, ChorusMulti-Speed deflectometer. Gina Schmitz, GeoSolve Tracking operational performance measures. Danny Fitzgerald, Fulton Hogan
12028Q&A for above speakersQ&A for above speakersQ&A for above speakers
131515URM, Unreinforced Masonry, Owners, Consultants Contractors and the CM. Michael Scott, Miyamoto NZA regional data collection strategy for Waikato Council. Joanna Towler, RATA - Waikato Road Asset Technical Accord Looking ahead: How the One network road classification performance measure reporting tool is showing the way! Dawn Inglis, RATA
133015Plans in your hand. Phil Cornforth, Pelican Corp / BeforeudigNew technologies and approaches to deterioration modelling in the operational context. Fritz Jooste, LonrixNZ Transport Agency Procurement manual Amendment 4. Bernie Cuttance, NZ Transport Agency
134512Predicting the wall of wood. Hamish Featonby, Downer NZ1345 - 1445
Expert Panel Q&A session - What is the best type of delivery model for Local Authorities - Panel Bernie Cuttance, Dave MacDonald, Shaun McKinley & Dave Proctor
1357151357 - 1427 Expert Panel Q&A session - Code Review, KPI's, What do you want, What do your colleagues who are not here want. How to encourage buy in and involvement. ODM through an array of tools. Theuns Henning, IDS
1412Using laser scanning to collect surface data. Scott Verevis
1427Q&A for above speakers
144530Afternoon teaAfternoon teaAfternoon tea

1515  Award of presentations – ODM & CM & Procurement
1525  Keynote: “Infrastructure in 2027: Dad, I’ll probably never drive a car”.  Warner Cowin, Height
1600  Close

The following programme is current as of 11 December, but subject to change.  The committee reserve the right to amend any component as required.  All changes will be updated on the website.